Monday, December 22, 2014


I moved from Bengaluru to Kolkata a month back. Kolkata was one of the cities where I always wanted to live once. Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, London and NY make up the list. So when the opportunity came up, I grabbed it with glee.

Kolkata is more Mumbai than Bangalore. It has a character which Bangalore doesn't. It would be unfair to compare Bangalore to either Mumbai or Kolkata. But Bangalore has grown into a large city and hence will draw comparisons.

I arrived at, what colleagues who work here told me, the best time to be in Kolkata. Its cold, and since its December has a festive look to it not seen in Mumbai or in Bengaluru during this time of the year.

Kolkata is also cheap- cheap transport, cheap food, cheap housing. Cheap of course does not mean poor quality of life. Not once have I ever had to look for change- the coins in circulation are plenty and no tea vendor or bus conductor has ever asked me for exact exchange. In Bengaluru, the auto drivers and the bus conductors always round it up to the higher denomination. Rs 25 is always Rs 30 if you don't have exact change to give to the auto driver.

2014 has been the year of travel. I hope 2015 gives me the opportunities to explore the world. As JRR Tolkien wrote "Not all those who wander are lost".