Saturday, February 19, 2011

Does any B school go this far?

IRMA has always been different. One of the differentiating factors is the convocation ceremony. The attire is white kurta pyjama and an angavastram.
What matters is the meticulous care taken to pull off the event in a perfect manner. I was reminded of this when I read the below mail sent by a staff member to the entire batch.

Dear all,

As discussed with Mr. Ahmed Fawas, Class Representative of PRM-30, we have arranged the shoe-maker to come and take the measurement of chappal for Convocation 2011. He would be coming at 3.30 pm on Monday, the 21st February, 2011 at the IRMA Students' Mess.

We, therefore, request you all to be present in the campus during that period to facilitate them to have the measurement of your chappals.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

IRMA placment interviews

A PRM 30 batch initiative, the link below is to the blog which has postings related to interview experiences of my batchmates.

Leaving IRMA

26th March 2011: I shall be giving the last exam at IRMA.Most of my batchmates would be leaving the same night. Some are headed home while some are going on a holiday.Most of us will come back to attend our convocation during the last week of April.
Though IRMA has been a tough place for me, I know that I will shed a tear or two when the time comes to say good bye.I always feel sad when I leave a place where I have stayed for some amount of time. I had moments of sadness whenever I left the districts where I had carried out my internships. This time too it will not be different.
Hence I decided that that I will stay back in IRMA for a week after my exams get over.I want to enjoy the campus without the rush.I want to get up late every day and go on a walk in the evening. I want put out a chair in the balcony and enjoy the sunset with a hot cup of coffee.
And I will do this all the seven days that I would be here!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The road less travelled...

Usually, an MBA degree suppresses ones risk taking ability. This can be attributed to two reasons. First, most of us who enroll for a MBA degree have to take an education loan. Hence, one is eager to take up a good paying job to pay off that liability.
Second, the course structure itself largely focuses on risk mitigation. These two reasons prevent MBA passouts to start their own ventures and "create" jobs rather than ask for one.
I was always fascinated whenever I read about MBA students from top B schools who opted out of the placement process to start their own venture. Hence, I was delighted to read in DNA about two of my own batchmates who have taken a bold and brave decision to start their own ventures.
I hope and pray that they are successful in their ventures and that they are able to create wealth, not only for themselves but also for many others in society.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Finally, I managed to get ahead of the curve

Perhaps the consultancies that did not shortlist me should read my blog.
Some months back I had written about direct cash transfers for rural development on my blog.It was part of my Rural Development Interventions course.I was glad to read that the government is serious about implementing it in the near future.
As I bid farewell to the "development" sector as we know it, I am proud that at least I was ahead of the curve on a particular issue.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eating out at Amravati, Sangli, Latur.

The wonderful thing about living in small towns is the good food one gets at cheap prices. Anand does not qualify as there are hardly any good value for money restaurants. But the ones mentioned in the title do.
In Amravati, the canteen of the Divisional Commissioner's Office is very good. For Rs 40 you have an unlimited thali which is very good.The curries served in Vidharbha region are usually laced with a lot of soya oil which can ruin the dish. But the canteen is usually moderate with its use of soya oil.He also makes palak wadas which were responsible for me gaining weight during my internship there.
In Sangli, there is a kitchen which is run by two women which is a five minute walk from Rajwada chowk. The kitchen has no name and operates out of a small gala in a building. It was unfortunate that I found this place during my latter period of stay there.The food, priced at Rs 30 for thali is awesome. It is as good if not better than home cooked food. What adds to the taste is the warmth the two women show when they serve you food. Though it is run for commercial considerations, they treat you as guests which adds to the taste of their food. Also in Sangli, is Ganesh Nashta located bang outside the police ground en route to Miraj.It reminds me of Amar Juice Centre though the variety is limited. Its the only place outside Mumbai which served very good Pav bhaji. But, its poha stands out. No wonder it is crowded throughout the day.
Latur has many breakfast centres spread all over Ausa Road. The one that I ate at was near the ICICI Branch.Its Onion Dosa at Rs 16 was just too good. Also on the same road was a home run tiffin service which for Rs 20 served amazingly soft chapatis.
It feels terrible that I did not write down the exact names and addresses of these places.If anyone who comes acorss this post and is visiting those places would have found it useful. But these are small towns and finding many of these places would be easy.
These places were the main reason that I was able to put on weight during my two internships at SRTT and ICICI Bank.

Friday, February 4, 2011


As those who have tracked my blog posting might be aware, I had been to the Vidharbha region of Maharashtra for undertaking a study on tur dal for farmer communities.
Some days back, a senior of mine who works at Basix, had this posting on his FB profile.(Yes, I had to activate my profile again to get this)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Taking Stock 1

In less than 4 days, I shall know where I am headed after IRMA.
In a little more than a month and half, I shall be passing out of the hallowed portals of IRMA.
It is time then to take stock of these two years.This series of postings will include all that I felt as I went through so many different experiences in my life. And a peek at the anxieties that I shall have when I pass out as an IRMAN.