Saturday, February 19, 2011

Leaving IRMA

26th March 2011: I shall be giving the last exam at IRMA.Most of my batchmates would be leaving the same night. Some are headed home while some are going on a holiday.Most of us will come back to attend our convocation during the last week of April.
Though IRMA has been a tough place for me, I know that I will shed a tear or two when the time comes to say good bye.I always feel sad when I leave a place where I have stayed for some amount of time. I had moments of sadness whenever I left the districts where I had carried out my internships. This time too it will not be different.
Hence I decided that that I will stay back in IRMA for a week after my exams get over.I want to enjoy the campus without the rush.I want to get up late every day and go on a walk in the evening. I want put out a chair in the balcony and enjoy the sunset with a hot cup of coffee.
And I will do this all the seven days that I would be here!


  1. I'll be doing the same thing for about one week after convocation. Between convocation and joining GCMMF.

  2. I just do not know what to write.. I've reading your blog for sometime now and all I can say is wonderful.. its almost like i'm sitting in front of you listening to stories.. been a long time having had such reading sessions..