Thursday, July 9, 2009


This blog and post is long overdue. Its been more than a month since I have made IRMA my home and have already experienced new highs and new lows.
There is Anand and there is IRMA. Anand is a district known as the milk capital of India, a fact that I came to know when I was asked this question in a quiz on 26th January 2001.The same day that Gujarat was hit by a massive earthquake. Little I did know that I would be heading to Anand to spend two years in an institution which is one of the many started by the father of White Revolution in India.
Anand has a population of around 1,oo,ooo. Its an educational hub with Anand Agricultural University, IRMA and and several colleges dotting the district. It also presents itself as a interesting case of a town being invaded with coffee shops, malls, foreign brands etc etc. The weather is anything but pleasant. Temperature touches 45 degrees in summer and goes down to 5 degrees during winters.
IRMA is one of those institutes which has a beautiful campus. Spread over 60 acres, it has landscaped lawns, wonderfully designed buildings and of course the Amul Chimes which when seen in its full splendour at night is a sight to behold. None of the buildings here have the usual four walled structure. The campus can be a bit puzzling for new comers as all the buildings look the same and when you walk on the pathway, it gets more confusing as you have several offshoots going in different ways.
I still am trying to make sense of directions here.
The life here is hectic. Its been three weeks since regular classes have started and I have never felt so compelled to study as I have been now. Its something I am getting used to. From profit maximisation to Marx, I have been studying everything possible.
As I look at the clock, I realise that I need to get back to isocost and isoquant functions which will determine whether I will get a D or a F in tomorrow's quiz.
For those interested or curious in knowing why the name "barefoot manager" here is a video which will satisfy the curiosity.

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  1. good one...
    the Video was amazing...
    i really loved the Convocation in white and white kurtha paijama's