Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mani Shankar Aiyar ko gusaa kyon aata hain?

IRMA's annual inter college fest "Udaan" had Shri. Mani Shankar Aiyar, Former Minister of Panchayati Raj, Sports and Youth Affairs, and Petroleum as the chief guest.
He is known for creating controversies (remember the Bhagat Singh controversy?) and also a sycophant of the Gandhi-Nehru Family.
He also ran into trouble as the Petroleum Minister when he was brave enough ( and I compliment him for that) to take an anti-Ambani stand and had got himself removed from that post.
He was also defeated in the last general elections.
So Mr. Aiyar, as a politician would, ranted about everything that is wrong with India for over an hour, how the India farmer should go on tilling his farm irrespective of whether that creates enough income or not, how liberalisation is bad, and also had time to take potshots at Mr Ambani ( very personal and very demeaning) and also at his Congress members especially PC.
His entire speech seemed as an attempt to vent his bitterness. He took potshots at IIMA students calling them "inferior creatures". Mr Aiyar left no one in his attack.
His speech is of a person who, post- 1991 has seen the shift of power from the corridors of Delhi to the markets, of how a uncouth Gujarati businessman unlike the suave and powerful orator, St Stephens and Cambridge educated Aiyar earned thousands of crores with help from the INC, had sons who could remove him from his ministry and he could not do a thing.
He spoke about creation of millions of women leaders at the village level post the empowerment of the PRIs. This would delight someone at IIMA, but not at IRMA where any PRM student would tell you that the women are just rubber stamps and the real leader is her husband or father-in-law. Maybe he should reserve such comments at the five-star hotels where he prefers to dine and tell his Americal and European friends on the romance of poverty. We at IRMA dont need that Sir. Thank you very much.
Such an undiplomatic speech coming from an ex-IFS officer makes me wonder how good he was in his job. Maybe sychophancy ruled then and hence he could rise in the ranks.
Surprisingly Mr.Aiyar is scheduled to address the "inferior creatures" at IIMB at their function. More surprising is the fact that he is addressing at a insitute who has this man in its Board of Governors.
Would love to hear his speech there!!! Good luck Mr.Aiyar.


  1. I completely agree with you.
    he tried to show his belief in IRMA by criticising Ambanis.His suggestion for the need of institute of panchayti raj would have been better implemented by him when he was incumbent.
    Good post btw

  2. It's amazing that another Nitin Pai should have a similar experience with the same Mani Shankar Aiyar.

    Nitin Pai

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