Friday, March 19, 2010

My first trip North

Last week I had the opportunity to go to Delhi. One of the colleges there had shortlisted our B plan and the final round required our physical presence there.
This was my first trip North. A 14 hour journey in sleeper class was something that extremely discouraging. Before someone reminds me of my barefoot manager status, I would like to state that I am just not the kind of guy who can travel for a long time. And the way the railways treats the sleeper class people, someone should file a class action lawsuit against it.
We boarded the swaraj express from Baroda. Our coupe was different in the sense it was a cabin without the door. Our co passenger was of the opinion that it was the coupe which was meant for women travellers in the 80s.The railways, I have to say has been women friendly. From such coupes, to women compartments, to all ladies trains in Mumbai, women have been given many facilities.
Anyways, so our coupe had two frustated rural managers (rural manager is always frustated), one Sardar and his employee, a guju army man headed to Jammu and a Catholic priest based in Bhopal.
The journey was not as bad as I thought it would turn out to be thanks to the two punjabi guys. They went on talking about Missionaries in India getting cheques signed by Tony Blair, Kota being the next big thing, AC volvos plying between Punjab villages etc etc.
Prominent stops were Ratlam (known for its Ratlami sev) and Mathura (Mathura peda le lo).
We finally reached Delhi at 4 in the morning, got ripped by the auto guys (while going to and coming from the college) and had to sit down at the delhi station as the train was late by two hours.
Delhi station is dirty, over crowded and absolutely smelly. No station in Mumbai can be as dirty as the Delhi one. Maybe my Mumbai biasness shows here, but what the heck!!
Anyways the trip back was spent sleeping as I was too tired. We alighted at Godhra. Felt creepy and the eerie silence was adding to the feeling of being at a place which has had so much of implications for our country which is considered to be a secular one.
Took a ST bus to Anand and reached IRMA in the afternoon.
Not an eventful journey but an interesting one.

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