Saturday, April 16, 2011

Har Galli main Hoga ek IIM

IIMs are part of the great Indian middle class (with the hike in fees, maybe the upper middle class) dream. Since only few of us can manage to get into it, there have been several people who have started their own Institutes and made a killing!
Since the brains sitting in Delhi believe growth is the panacea for all ills, they have gone about setting up IIMs everywhere. Ranchi, Shillong, Rohtak, Trichy (and I used to think Anand is remote), etc are where these IIMs have been set up or will be set up.
I always thought setting up an IIM is a tough task! In fact, I thought it was a romantic task when you set up an educational institution as big as an IIM.
The romanticism is captured in what Ravi J Mathai, founding Director of IIMA and founding member of IRMA has said "Building of an Educational Institution is an act of Faith, faith in your beliefs, in your vision, in those whom you work and in their accomplishments
Wonder any of the founding directors of current IIMs will feel the same way

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