Monday, August 8, 2011

Missing from blogging....

Apologies for not blogging earlier. In fact, there is so much to write but some technical and logistical problems prevent me from publishing posts. These include but not limited to

  1. NO NET. I am not a great believer in blogging during my office hours. In Bangalore, I do not have a personal laptop nor a net connection.
  2. I am living out of a suitcase for the last month or so. Been on the road to Delhi, Jaipur, Bombay. My company laptop does not allow me to log on via a wi fi connection.
  3. And maybe I have not tried hard enough.
So as I sit in a small cafe in a dingy alley in Jaipur surrounded by phoren tourists, I vow that I shall find a way to update this blog more often. Worst case scenario is September 1st week, when I head home to Mumbai for a quarter. My personal laptop and a wi fi connection awaits there. Maybe then there would be deluge of case if anyone is still interested in reading what I write.

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