Friday, September 4, 2009

And the pressure cooker has been switched off

The first term at IRMA got over today. Three months of pressure. Apart from sundays, we were only allowed two days of holidays.
It is surprising the wide range of experiences that I had in these three months. Right from the one week in Moti Koral as part of induction work to the unsolvable Economics paper in the end term, it was a roller coaster ride.
From being thrown in mud water during janmashatami to submitting an assignment at 11:57 when the deadline was 12:00, it was a memorable ride. I no longer care about how bad a test went. Cause you know that the feeling would be shared among the entire batch.
From being praised for a presentation to being thrashed on another presentation, I have seen it all.
One more week of fieldwork preparation and I head home to do what I do best...sleep!!!!

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