Saturday, September 12, 2009

Out of my comfort zone

IRMA's strength lies in its demanding curriculum. The fieldwork segment is one of the most demanding of the components of PRM course. This component requires participants to spend two months in a village which is usually devoid of electricity, proper sanitation facilities, physical infrastructure and is situated in remote locations and accessibility to the near towns is difficult.
I will be heading to Toranmal village in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra this year. Toranmal is the second highest hill station in the state. We will be living in a hut which does not have any electricity. We have been asked to be careful of mosquitoes and tigers. Since it is a forest area tigers are sighted in that village.
Tiger repellant anyone?


  1. small but very enthusiastic......i am an IRMA aspirant...currently working in IT industry......doubt whether my work ex would be come a hindrance to my selection...!!!1

  2. I do not think it will be a hindrance as long as you are able to convince the interview panel on why you want to work in this field...

  3. dude v have sectional cut offs in IRMA?? apprx how many quests we shud attempt at a hit ratio of 80 to 90 p[ercent for a irma paper??