Sunday, May 30, 2010

OTS In the oven

Its been a week since I left Mumbai and landed in Amravati for my summer internship.I am currently working on a project which has been funded by IFAD (channeled through the Government of Maharashtra) and SRTT (the organisation that I am interning with). The Project known as 'Convergence of Agricultural Interventions in Maharashtra' is also known as 'CAIM' (pronounced as Kayam which means forever in Marathi). The idea is that the farmers in Vidharbha will be kayam sukhi ( the sukhi comes from the 'Sukhi Baliraja Initiative' of SRTT which was dovetailed into CAIM) meaning 'forever in peace' after this project. Amen.
I am working out of the divisional Commissioner's office. The Additional Commissioner is the Project Director. Since he is busy with other matters of the State, they have appointed a Additional Project Director to carry out the day to day work of the Project.
First impressions of the district are fairly positive. Its hot but then its a national phenomena these days. Ever since Pratibha Patil was made the President of the Country, Amravati has undergone a positive change in terms of infrastructure. Her son is the MLA of this district.Since we work and stay in the part of Amravati which houses government offices and residences of all IAS and IPS officers, the roads are wide, well lit and maintained.
My project involves a lot of travel including a trip to Mumbai. First visit is on Tuesday which is to Hingoli. The purpose is to study a dal mill which is also involved in its own marketing.
Overall, its a decent project which allows me to explore Vidharbha and also study the working of IAS officers. That is a good enough output for two months.

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  1. I read all your posts regarding IRMA..It was a nice read through out ..Thank you very much