Monday, September 27, 2010

Heading to WIMWI for the weekend

WIMWI aka IIMA for the following
Dear Nitin,
Congratulations! Your team has been selected for the next round of Bone of Contention. It will be held in IIM Ahmedabad's IMDC on October 2nd, 2010.

Somehow, me and my partner Trinadh have this knack of getting through to the big ones (remember Tata crucibles) with shoddy preparation. This time the number was around 200 entries and on top of that, we submitted it late!!!
Maybe they considered our 1st place in the marketing quiz and accepted it!
The elimination round was a 300 page up write up on FOR/AGAINST Telemarketing! We wrote FOR telemarketing...Pardon the rural bias..but this is what we wrote
Hello marketing executive! Are you listening? There is Bharat beyond India! To make it simple, India rests in its 6, 00,000 villages rather than a handful of metros. This bharat is now adding millions of mobile subscribers every month. Mobile is now part of the great Indian dream of roti kapda, makan.
Marketing companies are only focusing on urban customers. The same customer who already owns three credit cards, is called by five salespeople selling five different bank credit cards! And in rural hinterland, you have millions of customers who are waiting for loans, bikes, soaps, plasma TV! And some are rich enough to pay for foreign trips (Thomas Cook, are you listening?). And they are more trustworthy. Proof? 99% repayment in microfinance industry! And yet calls are made only to urban customers who are fed up and now have availed themselves of the Do not Disturb Service (DND). So let’s stop disturbing them! The rural consumer is waiting!
But we understand the problems of reaching out to these customers. They are spread over a large geographical area, and are not physically connected due to inadequate infrastructure! BUT, they have the ubiquitous mobile phone! And incoming is FREE!!
So what are you waiting for? Refresh your database, let the urban consumer enjoy his privacy, call up his rural brethren and he will not only entertain your call, but also ensure that it is a win-win-win situation. The agency gets the commission, the consumer gets the product/service and the marketing guys get their sales.
The late C.K.Prahalad gave us the identity of the fortune at the bottom of the pyramid; we just gave its phone number! Contact them to make your fortune.

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