Friday, October 15, 2010


Its been a long time since I blogged. Some excuses include a viral which kept me in bed for a couple of days leading to a huge backlog of assignments, and studies. It also made me miss the debating competition at IIMA.My prize money for the quiz we won at IIMA is still pending. Someone at IIMA is not teaching customer satisfaction properly! They don't reply to mail nor do they answer calls. I thought 3k would not be a big amount to dispense with for future CEOs. But I stand corrected.
I am heading to ICICI for my winters. Specifically I shall be working with the Rural Finance department. Lets see how that goes. Been some time since I dressed up in formals and entered a corporate office!
My end terms end today. 4 terms over at IRMA and I realise that it is less than 4 months to go before I venture out as an IRMAn.
Besides this, I have a lot to write. Specifically, my views on IRMA (now that I have stayed here for a year and half, I think I can attempt writing about IRMA), the geela syndrome afflicting faculty members in a well known institute of rural management in western India and other mundane issues that one gets to see on my blog!
Now , I head off for my end term paper on Derivatives!


  1. hahaahaa.....well, i wanted to post it here....but then I am still at IRMA! Ill post it as soon as my degree is given to me :)