Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 2 of '12

As I sit in my small room in Bangalore to write about the past one week, I realise that the road to achieve excellence is a tough one. If the first week ended with a presentation to the Marketing Director, this week had me present the findings of my research to the Managing Director. Honestly, I did not expect to be in front of Rajeev Bakshi (our MD) within seven months in the job. But that is a perk one gets when one works with the Strategy Head.

He was satisfied with our work. But then, as my boss told me later, managers have a bias for action. So as per Rajeev's advice,  we got into the execution mode and made a prototype of the project which will go live next week.

This meant that another weekend was spent in the office. The extremely asocial life that I lead now affords me the luxury of spending most of my waking hours in office. But I am not sure how long will this work life be sustainable. As long as I am enjoying what I am doing, it pretty much does not matter.

This week, I started getting "pings" and calls from my juniors from IRMA. Even those who never spoke to me! I realised that they now enter that phase where certain tough calls have to be made. In other words, its placement season. The question they asked me was largely revolving around " How should I prepare for METRO?". Surprising since the two years in IRMA should have prepared you for all the jobs in the market. But then we dont live in an ideal world. Rather than matching the job to our skills, we tend to match our skills for the jobs. This of course leads to job discontent in the long run.

However, I refrain from giving such advice personally. I realise that its a tough period for them. And I also realise that post placement, they will realise that even this event like the one getting into IRMA are small and even negligible to the larger role that so many other things will come to play in our lives!

Hopefully, the next sunday I blog, I will have executed a pretty good pilot with some good results! Amen to that!

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