Sunday, January 8, 2012

The week that was....

It has been a long time since I blogged. Perhaps my life is not as exciting as it was in IRMA. Or maybe I have fewer issues to write about. But the time is right to start off blogging again. Perhaps 2012 will be laden with events, experiences that will push me to note them down here.

I was in Mumbai for the New Year. No particular reason to be there except to be with the family. Also, I realised I had not taken any leave and most of it would lapse. Hence I took a couple of days off and went home. The break was much needed as the first week of the new year was going to be very hectic.

Currently, I am working with the Strategy Head on a business plan. The market analysis was to be presented to the Marketing Director. Hence most of my waking hours were spent in the office. The presentation went off smoothly. If the week was hectic, the weekend was as lazy as it could get.

Hopefully, the the remaining 51 weeks would be as productive as this week was. With some books lined up for reading, I think it is time to read, and apply it to my life;professional and personal as well.

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  1. Way to go :-)) Looking forward for blogs from you they are delight & inspiration for me bro !